Triway offers enterprises and network service providers efficient network technology and performance with the power of a reputable, global networking option. Our network installation and services reduce network interruption to quickly increase speed. We are efficient in providing a single source, ready to be used and clear period of post-installation support.

We cover everything, from system installation, through to testing, certification and ongoing maintenance. As one of the leading network installers, we provide a complete range of data, fibre and voice installation services.
We have the wide knowledge, skill, professionalized experts and the experience to provide personalized solutions to a wide variety of customers.

Our services in network installation include network Telecommunications, trusts, local authorities, colleges, schools, commercial and industrial premises. Complex networks are the back-bone of every business; we at Triway make use of those complex networks legibly with the help of our professionals and fulfill the needs of our clients, as customer satisfaction is our utmost importance.